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Animation was good.

If your referring to Marianna then it is not bad for you, doctors proved it. Soooo 4/10

Only because animation was ok but my vote will be 2/5 since your information is wrong.

Leezone responds:

I think i was referring to it being a silly cartoon where an alien zaps a chiwawa. why take it seriously?

ByeHi says...

that was nice funny and good 9 out of 10 should be it nice style

ByeHi says...

I like the animation behind it i mean really all the extra stuff at least make a decent animation like him acttuly walking or something but i like ur humor o that

rtil responds:

i don't think you get it

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GreatGame Puzzle Strategy and TurnBaseNeedsMedals

10/10 5/5 Haha Cant wait for this to get big. Needs Achivments.

5 Points -Turn camera 25 times
5-points kill 5 enemys
10 points- Turn camera 50 times
Etc etc

ByeHi Says...

Nice game i like it make more moves or something umm and make a sequel to this

Other then that ur game is sweet

ByeHi Says...

I liked the game kinda hard but sweet nicely made make more i liked this on GameCube to

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This is a LnP Listen-n-Play Song

I can enjoy listening to this and play games.


YouriX responds:

Yeah, this song was ment for a game. So i went with the mentalty to make a song for a game. Keep it simple yet fun to listen to :)
Thanks for noticing!

Nice, just needs some words to it.

Said it once before
And i'll say it again
This piece right here
is the shit
You can make up
your, own words
To it
As I said before.
I will say it again
not just once but
2x in a row
This right here
Is what modren hip hop should
sound like
Not Boom
Bang Bang
Rit a
Klang a
The Shit dont
Even make Since!
Keep making more
them votes will be coming in
4/5 5/5 This will make it to the top
Alright im done

O-Prime125 responds:

Daaaym lol thank you man...ye hit does indeed need words to it, would be ideal for someone to collab me ;)

Cheers for the review.

o.o MortalKombet trance? Haha

Sounds pretty good, makes me think of mortal kombat. 4/5 8/10

Overall 4.32 Score.

Was Up Am Felix Love to Do things all you need to know


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